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Thipi Treats Activity

If you live in a climate without snow or just prefer to be inside, other opportunities present themselves for us to enjoy with families. Consider making these sugar cone teepees, … Read more

Indigenous Winter Activities

Indigenous communities across North America have shared survival and recreation skills for generations. These skills were passed down intentionally and many even evolved into competitive sports. These competitions revitalize those … Read more

Five-Day Sugar Challenge

January 18-24, 2021, is National Sugar Awareness Week. To celebrate, we’re offering resources to help Indigenous communities cut down or eliminate sugar in their diets. Today, we’re sharing a 5-Day … Read more

Drink Less Soda

Soda hinders your body from doing its job. One can of it contains roughly 100% of your daily sugar intake. Research shows that long-lasting effects of drinking beverages like this … Read more

Human Trafficking Awareness

January has been recognized as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month since 2010. It is dedicated to bringing awareness to enslaved individuals and persons who’ve been trafficked all over … Read more