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Ways to Love Your Brain – Tips 9 & 10

Forming ten key habits in everyday life can reduce the risk of cognitive decline in people of all ages. Combining all of these habits can achieve maximum benefit for both your brain and body. You’re never too old to incorporate them – so start today!

The Alzheimer’s Association has come up with suggestions that could be the difference between a weak, aging brain and a strong one. Read further for tips and tricks from healthcare professionals.

  • Rely on friends.

We know that leading an intellectually stimulating life may foster cognitive vitality and promote brain activity. Friends that share common interests can keep the brain active, and doing things you find rewarding can lead to not only a happy life but a long one.

Consider pursuing social activities that are meaningful to you. Like reading? Join your community book club. Animals make you happy? Volunteer at the local shelter.

  • Stump yourself.

Challenge and activate your mind by completing a puzzle, playing board games, or even building a piece of furniture. When you regularly stimulate your brain, you create new neural connections that help keep your mind youthful.

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