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Ways to Love Your Brain – Tips 5 & 6

Forming ten key habits in everyday life can reduce the risk of cognitive decline in people of all ages. Combining all of these habits can achieve maximum benefit for both your brain and body. You’re never too old to incorporate them – so start today!

The Alzheimer’s Association has come up with suggestions that could be the difference between a weak, aging brain and a strong one. Read further for tips and tricks from healthcare professionals.

  • Your brain deserves protection.

Brain injury, whether big or small, can raise your risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Wearing a helmet creates an additional layer for the head and reduces the impact of a force or collision. For example, wear a helmet while playing contact sports, skiing down a mountain or riding a bike.

It is also important to fasten your seatbelt when driving or riding in a vehicle. The vast majority of head trauma suffered in car crashes is found in unbuckled drivers and passengers.

  • Make smart food choices.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet that is higher in both vegetables and fruit and lower in fat can help reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Dieticians suggest leafy greens that are rich in nutrients as kale, spinach and broccoli. They also recommend fish, berries, nuts, eggs and a moderate amount of dark chocolate.

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