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Ways to Spread Kindness During COVID-19

The world observes Universal Human Rights Month every December. It acts as a reminder to reflect on the way we treat others and to do what we can each day to improve not only our neighbors’ lives, but that of ourselves, too.

Human Rights Day falls on the 10th of this month. This year’s theme is “Recover Better—Stand Up for Human Rights.” It’s related to the COVID-19 pandemic and focuses on the need to ensure and prioritize recovery efforts. This year, Human Rights Day acts as a relevant reminder to reaffirm the importance of human health and humanity in general.

With all that in mind, let’s use this month to empower ourselves and those around us to do what’s right. Be the shoulder to lean on or hand to hold amid this strange time.

Here are a few ways to provide and spread kindness to your community this season:

No one has worked harder this year than essential personnel and health care workers. For that, they deserve acknowledgment and thanks. Here are a few simple ways to provide support for them:

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has taken a toll on local businesses. Here are a few ways to offer support safely during this time:

Focusing on what you can do for others matters, but it’s just as important to not forget about yourself and your own needs. Here are a few resources and thoughts on how you can stay busy during stay-at-home orders:

The truth is, we should strive to honor universal human rights every day of every month. But it’s okay to start small and make these efforts one day at a time. Who knows, if you follow through on some of these actions beyond December, before you know it, you’ll be doing this stuff regularly. 

Through small, individual actions, we can work toward building a better world.