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National Handwashing Awareness Week: Hygiene Tip #3

Personal hygiene begins and ends with our hands. Though we’re taught as youngsters to wash them before dinner, it’s important to remember that germs don’t care what time of day it is, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

National Handwashing Awareness Week provides a great reminder that one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of germs and the coronavirus is also one of the simplest. Let’s examine some handy tips and tricks to keep both your and those around you healthy.

Tip #3

If soap and water aren’t readily available, hand sanitizer will suffice. Sanitizers can quickly reduce the number of germs on hands in many situations.

The best way to use hand sanitizer is to:

  • Apply the product on the palm of your hand
  • Rub your hands together
  • Rub the product over all the surfaces of your hand 
  • Let the product air dry

For more information on hand washing, please visit cdc.gov.

For more hygiene tips and tricks, keep updated on uicsl.org.