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IWD 2021: Choose to Challenge

We’ve all heard of International Women’s Day. It’s a time to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of the females of the world. It’s also a time to continue the progress made towards gender equality.

Marked annually on March 8, International Women’s Day (IWD) is a great time to celebrate women’s accomplishments, raise awareness of gender bias and fundraise for female-focused charities. It’s a time to not only post onto Facebook or Instagram with photos of females you know and love, but also an opportunity to recognize all they have done to encourage other women. 

The theme for this year’s IWD 2021 is “Choose to Challenge,” meaning that a challenged world is an alert world and from that challenge sparks positive change.

American Indian and Alaska Native women have played vital roles in many movements throughout history. In many Indigenous communities, women traditionally held leadership roles and had equal access to land and resources.

Sarah Winnemucca, an outspoken advocate, was born circa 1844 in present-day Nevada. She fought for Native American rights and was the first Indigenous woman to produce a published book. She was a forceful movement for her people and still an admiration to this day.

You can celebrate Sarah and other influential females on IWD by:

Take time this International Women’s Day to reflect on the females in your life whom you adore, their rights and how you can advocate for them.

We all have a duty to raise one another up. Let this day spark a conversation on how we can all empower each other, recognize signs of inequality and make a positive difference.