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Four Ways to Make the Best of Family Reunion Month

After a long, hard past year of quarantine and social distancing, the month of July — or National Family Reunion Month — is the perfect time to get together with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. Whether your family decides on a backyard barbecue, board games and bonfires (if no fire restrictions) or traveling somewhere new, a family reunion can be just the thing to rejuvenate you from a hectic lifestyle where, in many cases, family time is rare.

So, what do you do at a family reunion? Well, there’s loads of possibilities that will get you excited for planning the next get-together.

Explore Somewhere New

Usually, reunions take place at the original “home base.” This location typically holds plenty of childhood memories, whether that be at an elder’s house or a local church. Those who have been around for a while serve as great resources for the next generation to learn about their heritage. However, if you and your extended family have been split up for the past year and want to share a destination vacation, this could be the perfect opportunity. Rent houses or hotel rooms, plan for some sightseeing or fun activities and bond with family while away from home.

Make a Family Cookbook

Indigenous recipes that have been passed down for generations deserve to be taste-tested by more than just you, and who better to share it with than your family? A reunion is a perfect opportunity to jot down or collect all the family’s classics into one mouthwatering book of ideas. After the day of the reunion, you can transfer all the recipes into an online version or print copies, then send to everyone for a holiday gift. You and yours will be reaping the rewards from this idea for generations to come.

Get the Games Going

Tug of war, water balloon toss, quilting, capture the flag, painting competitions: show off your abilities (and bring out your competitive side) with these fun field race activities. These games can be for both the kids and the adults, but the older family members can always sit out and “judge” if they’re not feeling up to play. If your family reunion typically takes place near an open field or anywhere with a wide area of space, this could be a great option to see loved ones and have a laugh.

Blast From the Past

Reminisce on the good ol’ days to get into the spirit of family reunions. Gather traditional items, photographs and stories and bring them to the reunion for a familial reflection on past generations. Feast on stew, burgers, tacos or any other foods of choice and reflect on past memories around the table.

While inviting every single family member to the reunion may seem like an exciting way to go, safety still must be a top priority. COVID-19 is still a major threat across the U.S., so plan accordingly when arranging for your family reunion.

Ultimately, we love National Family Reunion month because it’s a celebration of family, ancestry and bonding. Whether you end up with a small or large gathering, a short and sweet picnic or a weekend extravaganza, the result will be the same — good food, good company and lots of laughs with loved ones.

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