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Four Important Things to Prep for Going Back to School

Summer is ending. Although that might make most sad, it’s important to remember that a new school year means new beginnings for not only students, but also their parents, guardians and educators! Let’s make the best of it and begin the discussion with Back to School Month.

No matter your school schedule or where you live, the month of August is typically Back to School Month. It’s a time to not only reflect on the memories made these past few months with family and friends, but prepare for the next academic year and all the experiences to come.

Use this article as motivation to get ahead of the game! We all want you to get an “A” for preparedness.

School Supplies
It’s time to put away the adventure pack and pick up the school backpack. Be sure to fill it up with the necessary school supplies per your grade. A good list to get started for elementary-aged kids are #2 pencils, erasers, markers, notebooks and a ruler. For a more detailed list or ideas per grade, view this resource! Also be sure to check in with your child’s school as they usually provide school supply lists in a newsletter at the end of the summer.

Whether children walk, ride their bicycle or take the bus to school, it’s important they take proper safety precautions. Be sure to have this conversation with your child before their first day. It’s even recommended to have your child practice walking or biking to their designated location with you following close behind. Try this a few times to get them comfortable.

Another safety measure is making sure your child is up-to-date on their yearly immunizations. Review this list for vaccine recommendations for your child throughout the years.

Schools nationwide follow a lunch program that incorporates the necessary vitamins and nutrients in every meal. However, if your child ever decides to pack their own lunch, take note of the things you should have stocked in your household to make for a nutritious one. A good step could be a protein, like lean meat, egg or peanut butter sandwich, and sides of fruits and vegetables. If you need some yummy ideas, read this article! It provides a multitude of different options to get your brain going on what to add to the next grocery list.

While kids may be anxious about going back to school, parents may be stressed about the added expenses of school supplies, new clothes and lunches. Many communities sponsor fill-the-bus events, backpack programs and teacher supply initiatives to help fill the gaps! And don’t hesitate to reach out to your school counselor or administrator. They’ll likely have a list of resources to help you get ready.

We are all in this together for a productive school year! Let’s make the most out of it.